R-Player 2.0 Beta 4.1 (6-October-2008)

Fixed: Fixed serious issue, opening a file before the settings have loaded would result in an infitite loop of errors, which made it impossible to play multiple files from Explorer when R-Player was closed.
Fixed URLs not adding properly.
Fixed broken Next and Previous media keys, they now work exactly the same as the Next/Previous buttons.
Fixed broken Next/Previous track shortcut keys when in full-screen mode.
Fixed bug that occured when the next button is clicked, and the next track took more than a second to open.
Fixed rare case where the tray controls still would steal focus. Now it's definately fixed.
Fixed unnecessary crawl caused by differences in casing. You may want to rebuild the library when you update to this version.
Fixed unnecessary crawl when a file is added that should be in the library, before the library has completely loaded.
Fixed some playlist-scrollbar-bug leftovers
Fixed error when you close R-Player before the settings are loaded
Fixed cursor disappearing when a full-screen video has stopped and you close the full-screen window.
R-Player stops the playlist if 5 files sequentially failed to play
Tray controls can't be shown before the main window is shown.
Fixed Beta Feedback button opening the wrong (older) webpage
Sort by album in track list is now default again
Various improvements in adding multiple files from Windows Explorer. (It's still fucked up)
Added/Changed: R-Player can now play MMS streams, like internet radio. Shoutcast works! It's still experimental so don't expect it to work perfectly. Please report non-working streams if you find one.
R-Player can now open XML based playlists when every item is on the same line, like in .asx files.
Added .wvx to the known playlist types, and .ape to the known audio files.
When you add an URL, R-Player will automatically play the added media when there's nothing else playing.
R-Player doesn't check files added to the playlist when these files are already in the library to reduce disk reads.
Added more friendly error messages for errors when opening files.
When a file failed to play due to a codec problem, a link is displayed on the error details window to the codec question on the FAQ page.
Escape button now hides the main window to tray.

R-Player 2.0 Beta 4 (12-September-2008)

Fix: Fixed occasional crash with video files with the MPEG2Video codec
Fix: On some computer configurations, R-Player would take the focus when showing the tray controls
Fix: Fixed rare issue that videos aren't played from the beginning (which could also cause certain files to skip)
Fix: FINALLY fixed the cursor on fullscreen video bug. Why didn't I google this before???
Fix: Fixed bug that R-Player could always crawl for files at startup. It happens when you close R-Player while it was crawling, start R-Player again and continues crawling, but no new files are added to the library.
Fix: "Relative path" checkbox now actually works
Fix: Is now compatible with Windows 2000 and possibly even more older Windows versions
Fix: Fixed wrong search string when using "Search in library" on an item in the playlist
Fix: Finally found how to reproduce the "disappearing playlist bug", and fixed it. By coincidence, this also fixed the unneeded horizontal scrollbar occasionally appearing in the playlist.
Fix: Fixed the "Pins are not connected" error messages. When you play a video or picture and still get the "Activemovie window", enable the "Alternative video playback" to fix it.
Fix: Fixed "Hide albums with 3 or less tracks" option not always working correctly
Fix: Fixed grey block after you exit full screen mode after the video has stopped
Fix: Removed unnecesary crawl when playling certain types of video
Fix: Fixed error when the media is stopped while moving the progress bar
Fix: Fixed abnormal tray controls behavior on Windows 98. Also fixed tray controls not disappearing when the color depth is set to 8 bit
Fix: Settings would reset to default when R-Player is run standalone from the temporary internet files
Fix: Fixed potential division by zero in files with no length
Added: Support for dvr-ms files (Recorded TV Shows by Windows Media Center). You can now seek forwards and backwards in these files.
Added: Show/hide window hotkey, Ctrl+Alt+H (Thanks to cr1mp)
Added: Option for smaller top panel. This makes the top panel 1 line shorter and removes the album and version labels.
Added: Hotkeys for Open and Add. (Ctrl+Alt+O and Ctrl+Alt+A) Works even when R-Player is hidden.
Added: Sort by file date (Thanks to doskabouter)
Added: Option to remove columns from the track list (not completely finished) (Thanks to Blackout)
Added: Option to add artist name to playlist items (Thanks to Zlik)
Added: Basic library stats. More advanced stats will be available in the future (Thanks to cr1mp)
Added: Support for .umx files. (Music files used in Unreal Engine 1 games like Unreal Tournament) To associate .umx files without reinstalling, open the settings, click the Installation tab, click the File types button and check the extension umx. (Thanks to Raymon)
Improved: When a folder is added, items now become visible as R-Player searches for files, instead of only when it's finished
Improved: New update dialog with scrollbar for changelog and a link to the complete changelog
Improved: No longer use the custom folder dialog, R-Player now uses the default one from Windows, which allows you to create a new folder, and R-Player doesn't stop responding while it searches for computers in your network.
Improved: R-Player main window now becomes visible when it was minimized while hiding in tray, or when opening a file. Also, R-Player now remembers the 'maximized' setting when closing, even when R-Player was minimized
Improved: R-Player activates its tray icon when the tray controls show, so the tray icon won't be hidden when it's inactive for some time
Improved: R-Player now uses the same window as the tray controls window in full-screen mode, so it fades in nicely :)
Improved: Library folder settings: You can't add subfolders of an already added folder. When you add a folder when subfolders are already added, these are removed. You also can't add double entries anymore. R-Player will show a message when one of these things have occured. Also, you have to confirm when you add a whole hard drive.
Improved: Enabled the progress bar for pictures so you can see how long it takes before the next picture.
Improved: You can't open more than 1 open dialog anymore
Improved: ShowTrayControlsBackground tweak now also applies to the controls in fullscreen mode
Changed: Keyboard shortcuts for better usability. Ctrl+F and Ctrl+B now work like in Windows Media Center (skip forward 30 seconds, backwards 6 seconds) because I found that really useful. Holding these buttons will fast-forward or fast-backward the now playing media. Ctrl+F and Ctrl+L is now for Next Track and Previous Track. Skip frame is now Ctrl+Shift+F. Global hotkeys are changed in the same way. Changed: Made the installer really simple. Just 2 clicks to install. Optional checkbox to change advanced settings. When unchecked, R-Player will ask if you want to make it the default player for all files.
Changed: Changed the title labels of the main window for a more logical and uniform look
Changed: Moved some labels in the track properties for a more logical layout

Minor fixes
Minor UI and speed improvements
Fixed blinking taskbar item when doubleclicking a file in Explorer and quickly clicking on another window

R-Player 2.0 Beta 3 (18-June-2008)

Fix: Fixed the serious "Floating point division by zero" error when opening some MP3 files. This also fixes a rare new bug with some VBR mp3 files that the incorrect length is displayed.
Fix: Fixed the issue that R-Player is run as administrator after install on Windows Vista, by redesigning the installer. Elevation is now only needed when the Finish button is clicked, and you can now also go back to the main page because no elevation is needed.
Fix: Pressing enter in the search box while only "No items match your search" is displayed no longer causes an access violation
Fix: Fixed bug that no items are displayed when you double-click an album, go back, and double-click the same album again
Fix: Tray controls wouldn't render correctly on some computers
Fix: Fixed full-screen labels not showing in Windows Vista when glass is enabled
Fix: Fixed "Run as standalone" option
Fix: R-Player now stops when the now playing item is removed while the player is paused
Fix: Fixed double library history added when enter is pressed in the search box
Fix: Fixed the time shortly jumping back when seeking
Fix: Fixed folder dialog title
Fix: Fixed the caption of the Open menu item in the tray menu
Fix: Changed the code for scrolling to the now playing item, that *might* fix the strange issue that occures very rarely, that items somehow become invisible, and some other scrolling related issues
Added: Option to enable global hotkeys, so R-Player can be controlled while playing a full-screen game
Added: R-Player is added to the uninstall list in Windows
Added: "Add folder" to the playlist right click menu. Pictures aren't added anymore when a folder is dragged to R-Player. This is now an option on the Add Folder dialog.
Added: Pressing Escape in the search box will clear the search box
Improved: Check for updates is now done in R-Player itself, so you don't have to open your browser. This also shows a short list of the important changes. When you upgrade, R-Player will automatically download the newer version and upgrade itself, which also makes the seamless upgrade feature more useful.
Improved: Huge speed increase when adding a huge amount of files to the playlist that are available in the library
Improved: Fixed some issues with huge playlists with thousands of items. Switching tracks won't take longer anymore, and the now playing file won't restart anymore after some seconds.
Improved: Dramatic speed increase in refreshing the playlist when the metadata from items are already loaded. Most noticable when adding one track to a huge playlist. This also greatly reduces network traffic and unnecessary open files when these tracks are not in the library.
Improved: Made the tray menu more useful. Added a Show Main Window button, removed the album name, and the title and album are displayed in this format: [title] - [album]. If that doesn't fit, only the title is displayed. A label is added that shows what track number is playing in the playlist. The tray controls now also fade in and out, and show for a few seconds when a new track is played.
Improved: When an item is added to the playlist that is in a library folder but not in the media library, the item will be added to the library
Improved: Playlist loading is canceled when the Clear button is pressed (so you can cancel the loading of a huge amount of tracks)
Improved: R-Player will jump to foreground when a file is opened from Windows Explorer
Changed: Quoting text in the search box will make R-Player look for a complete match. This fixes the problem when searching for Dio, Radiohead is also shown.
Changed: Removed the file extension from video and playlist files in the library
Changed: Removed the "Disable screensaver" option, because who wants a screensaver to pop up anyway when you watch a movie?

Minor fixes:
Improved messaging system for future plans
Installer now can minimize properly

R-Player 2.0 Beta 2 (Second attempt) (15-May-2008)

This version is a quick fix for some serious things I forgot to do before releasing it. Bet hey, now you can see how cool the seamless upgrade works! :)
Fix: Previous playlist did not load correctly
Fix: When task bar is set to auto hide, the tray controls are shown above the task bar instead of in front of it
Fix: R-Player now forces to move to desktop when run from temporary internet files, because in the worst-case-scenario, R-Player could not be installed anymore when you download it.
Fix: R-Player application icon is the full size 256 pixels icon again
Fix: Pictures are now also added when you drag a folder to R-Player
Fix: In Windows Vista, progress bar will now immediately show the current position instead of slowly scrolling to it when you switch full screen mode or when you hide R-Player in the tray
Fix: Clicking the progress bar, and while holding, pressing Ctrl+H (which will hide R-Player in the tray) will not cause weirdness anymore
Fix: Settings window shows first tab
Improved: Pressing delete will remove the selected library folder

R-Player 2.0 Beta 2 (13-May-2008)

Fix: Switching between tracks really fast no longer causes errors
Fix: Fixed a serious issue where an "Invalid floating point operation" error would appear, and R-Player completely hangs after that, which happened with some videos and pictures
Fix: Albums are now properly removed from library when removed from computer
Fix: Some videos caused the time to not reset to zero when playing an other file, which caused some files to skip
Fix: The track length of MP3 files with variable bitrate (VBR) is now properly displayed, by reading the Xing and the TLEN tags. Seeking in VBR MP3 files is also fixed.
Fix: Popup windows will now appear on the same monitor as the main window, and popup windows won't appear outside the screen anymore
Fix: "Use Library" now works correctly
Fix: Buttons won't disappear anymore when ALT is pressed in Windows Vista
Fix: Devision by zero error when trying to seek in a file which has no fixed length
Fix: Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect search results
Fix: Corrected aspect ratio when switching videos with different aspect ratios while in fullscreen mode
Fix: Mute Volume setting is now saved properly
Fix: Forward button hint in library no longer shows the hint the back button should have. (Copied some code and didn't replace all the variables. OMG I really need some more sleep...)
Fix: Bug which sometimes caused the blue triangle in the playlist to appear next to the wrong item
Fix: Deleting an item while it is being opened no longer causes an access violation
Fix: Media keys now work when playing video fullscreen
Fix: R-Player now properly stops when an error occured while opening the file when the play mode is set to repeat
Fix: Track number and year are now empty when you open the properties from a nonexistent file
Fix: Auto updating the library now also works when moving a folder from outside a library folder to a library folder
Fix: R-Player can now be installed on Windows 98
Fix: Fixed the bug that the playlist is cleared when a file is opened at startup, when "open action" is set to "add file to playlist"
Fix: Forward and back buttons are now correctly drawn at startup
Fix: Opening a playlist at strtup now starts at the first item instead of the second and giving the first track error code 0. (What actually means there was no error....) Yeah this is what you get when you program at times when you actually should sleep.
Fix: when R-Player is already installed, the default install location will be the location where R-Player is installed. Also fixed some other installation related issues.
Fix: Fixed access violation in the installer when browsing for folders
Added: Option to set how long pictures are displayed, so you can also use R-Player as a slideshow program
Added: Added full support for reading metadata from Windows Media files, like WMA, WMV and DVR-MS.
Added: A feature I like to call "Seamless upgrade". When you upgrade R-Player while it is running, R-Player will be automatically closed, installed, started up, and will resume playback from where it was closed. Of course, this will not work when upgrading from Beta 1.
Added: Dragging an artist, album, track or video to the Playlist tab will add these items to the playlist
Added: Dragging a folder to R-Player will cause R-Player to search that folder and add every media file it finds
Added: A busy indicator on the playlist tab just like on the library tab, that shows when you add so many tracks that it will take some time to add, or when the track info is read from these files. You can also cancel the current action by clicking the busy indicator and clicking cancel. This option is now also available in the library when R-Player is crawling for files.
Added: When run as standalone, you have the option to make library folders relative, so you can keep your library when both R-Player and your music are on a portable device.
Added: Option "Hide albums with less than 3 tracks from album list". When enabled, all albums with less than 3 tracks are removed from the album list. Artists with only albums with less than 3 tracks are also removed from the artist list. These tracks are still available in the track list, or when you enter the complete name of the artist or album.
Added: Play artist/Add artist on the artists tab, Play album/Add album on the albums tab in the library
Added: Popup menu on the playlists tab in the library now also has the options "View folder", "Open file location" and "Properties"
Added: Option to resume playback after R-Player was closed
Added: R-Player will ask if you want to move R-Player to your desktop when you run it standalone from the Temporary Internet Files
Added: Added support for the thumb buttons on mice with more than 3 buttons, to navigate forth and back in the library
Added: "Check for updates" in the menu. This will open a webpage which shows if there is a newer version available.
Added: "Clear search box" button next to the search box, according to Microsoft's guidelines.
Added: "Error details" tab on the track properties window when an error occured playing the file
Added: Pressing the Shift key while clicking a tab in the library, the search box won't be cleared
Added: Tooltips for more buttons
Added: Tweak options to change the appearance of the top panel, and some other things. This will be the furthest I will go with skinning the application, I want to keep it small. For instructions how to tweak R-Player, view the Tweaks page.
Added: Ctrl+A selects all items in list
Added: Added .rmvb to known extensions
Improved: Completely rewritten the metadata reader. Reading metadata is now incredibly fast, and uses less memory and cpu. This also greatly improves speed when crawling for files, and especially crawling files on other computers on the network. The new code also makes it easier for me to add support for more tags.
Improved: R-Player now fully supports Default Programs in Windows Vista, so you can now also set R-Player as default program in Windows Vista
Improved: Added support for the "Comments" tag in MP3 files
Improved: Added full support for the older ID3 v2.3.0 and v2.2.0, and the really old v1.0
Improved: Improved speed when doubleclicking an artist or album by clearing the list first instead of searching what to remove
Improved: Opening multiple files from Windows Explorer now works better
Improved: New high-res icons for files, different icons for music, videos and playlists, and a high-res application icon
Improved: Better responsiviness when performing operations with a huge amount of files
Improved: Video files are now significantly opened faster
Improved: Tracks in library are now always sorted by track, which fixes the issue that tracks are in the wrong order when sorting by album
Improved: Fixed some unnecessary library refreshes that could slow down searches
Improved: MANY internal improvements and optimizations that *may* solve most of the unexplainable problems
Improved: Updated the icons for disabled buttons
Improved: Disabled the unnecesarry horizontal scrollbar in the playlist
Improved: Better scrolling to current track in playlist
Improved: The progress bar now changes when you step frames
Improved: Tweaked button locations and sizes so they look good on every Windows version
Changed: Redesigned the playlist tab. The Add button is removed because there already was an Open button. (Add is still available when you right-click the playlist). All the buttons are also replaced with smaller buttons with pictures. The Up, Down and Remove buttons are removed, Shuffle, Sort and Clear buttons are added. Also, the open action "Replace playlist with new files" is removed.
Changed: Changed the tray icon behavior. The tray controls appear when you move the mouse over the tray icon, and they disappear when you leave the tray controls for 0.5 seconds, or when you click an other window
Changed: Changed some keyboard shortcuts because of the conflicting shortcuts for Play/Pause and Previous track
Changed: Main window stays hidden when you open a file while R-Player is in tray
Changed: Double-clicking "No items match your search" will open the Tracks tab without clearing the search box.
Changed: Removed some items from the tray menu because those options are already available from the tray controls
Changed: The "Save Playlist" dialog now opens in the default music folder instead of My Documents
Changed: Space will now play/pause the video when a video is played full screen
Changed: Removed the Font Size option because it was useless
Changed: Removed "double-click removes panel" option because of numerous accidental double-clicks, and this option is also available in the main menu
Changed: "Search in library" is removed when library is disabled
Changed: "Settings" is removed from top panel popup menu, because this was already available in the main menu

Minor fixes:
Help link to online help in settings will now directly take you to the right paragraph
"Restore defaults" in library settings will enable "Use the library"
You can now scroll the playlist while a file is being opened
You can't show the tray controls anymore when playing full screen video
Removed the error sound when an error occured while saving the settings to a file
Library is now marked as incomplete also when you change the library folders and close R-Player before it refreshes the library
Next/Previous buttons now work like they should
Installer won't close anymore in Windows Vista when you cancel the UAC prompt
Changed the Refresh Library button text to "Refresh library"
Corrected OriginalFileName tag in version info

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