R-Player includes a number of tweaks (advanced settings you can't change in R-Player itself)


If you have installed R-Player, start the registry editor.
To do this in Windows XP or older, open the Start Menu and click on Run. Type in regedit and press Enter.
In Windows Vista, open the Start Menu and type regedit in the search bar and press Enter.
Browse to "HKEY_Current_User\Software\Ronnie's software\R-Player\". To add a tweak, right click on the space to the right, open the New submenu, and click String Value of DWORD Value, depending on the type of variable.

If you run R-Player standalone, open Windows Explorer and browse to the location where R-Player is located, and open R-Player.ini. Add this to the end of the file:[Tweaks]. To add a tweak, add the variable under the Tweaks section.

Available variables

TopPanelImage (string): Defines the background of the top panel image. Can be the name of a bitmap image, or a color in this format: $BBGGRR
TopPanelBevelInner (string): Defines the color of the inner bevel of the top panel. Format is in $BBGGRR.
TopPanelBevelOuter (string): Defines the color of the outer bevel of the top panel.
TopPanelFontColor (string): Defines the color of the font of the labels on the top panel.
ForceNoGlass (integer): When set to 1, the bottom panel has the standard windows color instead of the glass effect in Windows Vista.
HideVersionLabel (integer): When set to 1, the version number is hidden from the main window.
ShowTrayControlsBackground (integer): When set to 1, the tray controls has the same background image as the top panel in the main window.
TrayControlsFadeInTime (integer): Specifies how many milliseconds it takes for the tray controls to fade in.

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