The library is the collection of the music, videos and playlists R-Player has found in the library folders.
You can change the library folders in the library settings.
On the Artists and Albums tab, you can view the list of artists and albums R-Player has found in the music files.
Media library

Navigating the library

When you double-click an artist, you can see its albums (or tracks when you changed that setting).
When you double-click an album, you can see all the tracks from that album.
Pressing the Shift key while switching tabs will prevent the search box from being cleared.
You can navigate forth and back by clicking the Forward and Back buttons Forward/back buttons, or by pressing the thumb buttons on your mouse.

Add items from the library

To add items from the library to your playlist, simply drag the artist, album, tracks or videos to the playlist tab.
Right clicking an artist or album gives you the option to play it directly.
Double-clicking a track, video or playlist will also play these items.

Search for an item

To search for items in the library, type the text you want to find in the search box.
To learn about advanced searching in the library, see Search in library.

Other options

You can see more options when you right click a song or video:
Library popup menu

Play all Clear the current playlist, add all tracks in the list and play the selected file.
Play selected Clear the current playlist, add selected tracks and play the first file.
Add to playlist Add selected tracks to the current playlist
View artist Only show songs from the same artist
View album Only show songs from the same album
View folder Only show tracks from the same folder and subfolders
Open file location Open an Explorer window from the folder where this item is located
Properties View more information about this track

You can change the view mode by clicking the toggle library view button. Toggle library view buttons
You can choose between List and Details.

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