Keyboard controls

R-Player is optimized to be easily controlled with the keyboard. You can do almost anything with the keyboard what's also possible with the mouse.

Keyboard shortcuts controlling playback

Play/pause Ctrl+P
Stop Ctrl+S
Skip forwards 30 seconds (hold for fast forward) Ctrl+F
Skip backwards 6 seconds (hold for fast backward) Ctrl+B
Next track Ctrl+N
Previous track Ctrl+L
Mute/unmute F8
Volume down F9
Volume up F10

You can also control playback with the media keys on your keyboard. (if available)
When you keep the Next/Previous track button pressed, R-Player will fast-forward/backward the file.

Global hotkeys (only when enabled)

Play/pause Ctrl+Alt+P
Stop Ctrl+Alt+S
Skip forwards Ctrl+Alt+F
Skip backwards Ctrl+Alt+B
Next track Ctrl+Alt+N
Previous track Ctrl+Alt+L
Mute/unmute Ctrl+Alt+F8
Volume down Ctrl+Alt+F9
Volume up Ctrl+Alt+F10
Show/hide main window Ctrl+Alt+H
Open tracks Ctrl+Alt+O
Add tracks Ctrl+Alt+A

More hotkeys will be added in future releases

Keyboard shortcuts controlling video

Toggle full screen video Alt+Enter
Step frame Ctrl+Shift+F

Keyboard shortcuts for the playlist

Open Ctrl+O
Add URL Ctrl+Shift+U
Save playlist Ctrl+Shift+S
Clear playlist Ctrl+Del
Move track up Ctrl+U
Move track down Ctrl+D
Shuffle playlist Ctrl+R

Other keyboard shortcuts

Show menu Alt+M
Hide in tray Ctrl+H, Escape or double-click the tray icon
Select a tab F keys
Toggle small window Ctrl+Enter or double-click the top panel
Toggle slim mode Ctrl+M

Navigating the library with the keyboard

Press one of the F keys to switch to a tab.
Type any letter to type in the search box.
Pressing Enter in the search box will use the selected item in the library.
Pressing the Up or Down button while in the search box will give the library list focus, so you can select other items.
Pressing Backspace in the library will bring you to the previous view.
Pressing Shift while switching tabs in the library will prevent the search box from being erased.
Click the thumb buttons on your mouse to go forwards or backwards in your search history. The Forward/Back keys on your keyboard also work if you have those.

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