The current version is 2 Beta 5. Please note this is still beta, which means it isn't finished yet and not thoroughly tested, so you may come across some bugs. Please don't criticize R-Player if it somehow doesn't work correctly, and help me by telling about the problem.

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The unusual low system requirements


Dramatically increased speed of track list in library, by only adding subitems if they should be displayed.
Added a dropdown list next to the search box, from which you can choose a folder to search in.
Improved internet stream support: Fixed various internet streams randomly not playing, and fixed some audio-only streams not playing.
Full support for reading track length in MP3 files as metadata. They are shown in the library and track properties. Also, track lengths are counted in the library statistics.
Introduction wizard after installation (or when upgrading to beta 5). It's still not really how I want it but there will be improvements in the future.

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Known issues

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