Found a bug? Got any tips? Found a playlist R-Player can't open? Want a file type to be supported by default?
Feel free to contact me.

Make sure you've checked the FAQ section before contacting me.
You can post a message in the shoutbox.
For bigger problems, or when you have to send a file, you can send me an e-mail to
If you prefer a quick reply, you can IM me on this website. (Only when I'm online )

If you found a bug, please explain what exactly happened, so I can reproduce it.

If you're having trouble playing a specific file, first try to open it in another player, like Windows Media Player (or GraphEdit for advanced users. If GraphEdit can do it, R-Player should too. If not, it's a bug).
If both media players can't play the file, you don't have the needed codecs installed or there is a problem with the file itself. If only R-Player has trouble playing the file, please send me a copy of the file so I can research it.

If you found a playlist R-Player can't open, please send me the playlist.

And please, you really don't have to be formal, i'm just a 19 year old geek... :)

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