These are all the changes made since the last release.

R-Player 2.0 Beta 5 (Second attempt) (21-December-2008)

The controls now always show up on the same screen as the full-screen video is.
Fixed search bar not always disappearing when 'hide panels' is enabled.
Video is shown when "Don't switch to playlist when playing from the library" is enabled, while playing a video from the library.
Fixed some unnecessary metadata reads.

R-Player 2.0 Beta 5 (21-December-2008)

Dramatically increased speed of track list in library, by only adding subitems if they should be displayed.
Added a dropdown list next to the search box, from which you can choose a folder to search in.
Improved internet stream support: Fixed various internet streams randomly not playing, and fixed some audio-only streams not playing.
Full support for reading track length in MP3 files as metadata. They are shown in the library and track properties. Also, track lengths are counted in the library statistics.
Introduction wizard after installation (or when upgrading to beta 5). It's still not really how I want it but there will be improvements in the future.
Broken ID3v2.2.0 tags are working again.
Fixed all issues relating library not refreshing when a file has changed in the library.
Fixed broken drag folder to playlist.
Fixed casing issues due to the fix in the previous version
Fixed R-Player not saving it was finished crawling after a canceled crawl and no changes were made when resumed, causing it to crawl everytime at startup.
Fixed tray controls not always appearing on top when you click it and activate another window that's above the tray controls.
Fixed tray controls sometimes not showing up correctly.
Fixed keyboard shortcuts when tray controls are focused.
Fixed incorrect sort when a column is removed.
Fixed invisible cursor on video when closing fullscreen video while the cursor was hidden.
URLs with question marks are added correctly.
Tray icon is added again after Windows Explorer has closed when you open R-Player.
Artist and album properties.
Web links in the playlist, (for example from playlist files) are clickable.
Added "Don't switch to playlist after playing from the library" setting.
When an URL to a playlist is added, the playlist will be downloaded. This also fixes the problem with playlists containing an URL to another playlist.
Media keys are now also hotkeys when global hotkeys are enabled. (Thanks to Cr1mp)
The settings and properties windows are not modal anymore. This means you can still click the main window while the settings or file properties are opened. Also, multiple file properties windows can be opened at the same time. This also fixes the issue that R-Player doesn't respond anymore while it's crawling when you opened a window. This is also fixed in various other situations.
Library List/Details dropdown menu replaced by a toggle button.
Tray controls and fullscreen controls show up when you use the seek keyboard shortcuts.
Improved giving library list focus when pressing up or down in the search box.
Busy indicators now have a handpoint cursor to show it's clickable.
Various GUI improvements.
Removed "Fast library search" in favor of always doing the fast search, with some changes.
Removed "Resume playback after close" setting because it was very useless.
Your library will be automatically rebuilt to read the track lengths, and some filename casing issues from the previous version.
Changing the column order in the library is currently broken.
The "Also add pictures" checkbox is missing from the Browse for folder dialog, because R-Player now uses the default Windows dialog. I will find a way to customize the dialog so the checkbox is availale again. You can still add pictures by just opening them in an open dialog or by dragging a picture to R-Player.

For the changelogs for older versions, see the changelog archive.

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